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[Hybrid, Tamamo] Celestial Tamamo

An hybrid build which has all the aspects of roles: offense, defense, and support. Of course, it is weaker than one role-specialized build for the role that build is created for.

Gyokutenhou to Fiery Heaven. Fiery Heaven has more range and shorter cooldown time, but it keeps you stationary for a long time.

  • Use cooldown time decrease item to recharge skills faster, especially healing skill and Aphotic Cave.
  • Make sure Gyokutenhou can inflict lockdown CC upon enemy shortly after the first some kicks.
  • Make sure use guard, Aphotic cave by switching them until you get full HP. 
  • Move around in circled healing area to dodge any incoming attacks while healing.
  • Your objective should focus on keeping the point, other than the fight outside of the point since you are not fully offense role.
  • Frequently check allies HP to determine when to use heal.
  • Stack Drive for the worst case to overturn the situation.
  • It is highly recommended you use cooldown time item when you turned into drive mode in order to spam ice balls.

Fully offense build that does huge damages can counter this build.

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